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Testimonials about "Navigating A Life"
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Serena's Story

Serena is a German Shepherd/Black Lab mix stray was living on the streets when she was picked up by local animal control. Our county puts down over 7,000 dogs a year; if they are not adopted out within 7 days, they are euthanized. Serena was one of the lucky ones who was rescued by a local group, Molly's Militia, when she had less than 24 hours to live. My wife and I adopted her from her foster home in May 2006. We named her Serena as she had such a calm temperament. I trained her to be a therapy dog and she currently holds the top classification with the Delta Society, a nonprofit organization that helps people live healthier and happier lives by incorporating therapy, service and companion animals into their lives (

As a registered Delta dog, Serena carries a $1 million insurance policy whenever we are working. For the past 2 1/2 years, she has visited hospitals, long-term care facilities, adult care centers, hospices and schools, and worked at the VA rehab center for the severely wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan. She is especially fond of visiting the local children's hospital's oncolology floor as well as intensive care. On many occasions she has shown a healing ability. After extensive study and research, Serena and I started working with children with varying degrees of autism.

Serena with Autistic Child  

As part of our mission, and with the help of wonderful film-maker, Peter Whitehead, we have produced a wonderful video showing Serena at work in multiple environments.

Please take a moment to view the short movie trailer below.

The DVD is available for $9.95 (FREE Shipping), with $5.00 of the proceeds going to Molly's Militia.

  Serena relaxing after a great day at work!
  Serena with Children
    Paw Prints DVD
    Serena & Steve visiting with children


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