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Testimonials about "Navigating A Life"
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We have posted a few reader comments on this page. We will continue to
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6/01/15 - Your story is both touching and insightful as well as, indeed, adventure filled. It's rare to get such a candid and thoughtful glimpse of the many gifts packed into a single lifetime as it unfolds. - Sharon

6/10/15 - Took me into your life which was both kind & positive. An absolute
joy to read. I was up all night reading it. Thank you for sharing your life. It's an amazing life!
- Chris

6/14/15 - Congratulations!! What a book! It is stunning and a joy to read.
I had no idea you were so active in so many different and positive ways.

- Tim

6/15/15 - I thought Navigating a Life was outstanding, start to finish. I especially liked the references and dedication to Doris, as well as the way you described how your relationship with Lorna became “stale” and “undun”, and how someway, somehow, you were able to move forward and find happiness. A lot more people would be happier if they had your level of resilience. Needless to say, I thought your book was exceptionally well-written, and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your family, reading the genealogy above all the life lessons learned at the end of the book. - Ned

6/17/15 - Your book is fascinating! Would you consider presenting your
book at a winter Garden Side Chickee Chat, 2016?
- Elaine

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6/18/15 - I feel privileged to have been a part of your story. You are the kind of man
every person needs at least one-of in their lives if they are lucky enough to get a full
measure of a personal existence.
A rich reservoir of experience expressed in meaningful
prose. Your children, their children and all who are touched by you will be proud to know
or have known you or have crossed paths, or to have been a part of your narrative.
Your "Navigating A Life", like you, the Man, is well worth becoming intimate with.

- Ben

6/19/15 - Your research was key in every respect, including the pictures. So not only
have you navigated your life, you have told the tale and illustrated it in a way that
inspires. Bravo!
- Janet

6/19/15 - I am loving it. My mom can't wait to read it. - Haley

6/20/15 - I can't put your travel story down. It's a virus who's treatment is to keep turning
pages. My reading list, if I kept one, includes dozens of travel experiences by
adventurous, daring, foolish people who can take the reader with them while omitting the
boring aspect and delivering the excitement. I include you among the best of them.

- Carp

6/24/15 - Mesmerized and and excited reading your book Bravo! - Charles C.

6/25/15 - Your book echoes your voice. It was as if we were together as you told a
fascinating story. It is a very salable tale of an exciting life.

6/26/15 - The book is fascinating. The narrative is immensely interesting and easy to
follow. If only all autobiographies were that way.
- Andy

6/27/15 - I enjoyed your story from cover to cover and was sad to have it end. It was a
most interesting read. Your ability to keep bouncing back is a valuable lesson to all.

- Pat B.

6/29/15 - I not only throughly enjoyed the content, but I was most impressed by the
quality of the presentation.
- Carl

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Thank you for taking the time to connect! - Steve Briggs

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